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the Melanated Rebel

I'm a Journalist, Historian and fitness loving American Patriot. My journey started off as just a Youtube personality that wanted to vocalize my opinion to the rest of the world during the crisis of 2020. 

What I am now offering is a devotion to reporting the real news and current events in the world from a vulgarly Conservative point of view. On my website I am offering blogs on current events and nutrition which are my two biggest obsessions. 



I will be the guy to keep the crowd engaged with an energetic approach. 


I prefer to know at least two weeks before travel. I can do last minute events depending on my schedule. 


Contact us for details and pricing.   

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My Story

I didn't know that I was a Patriot until the August of 2020 when I seen the state of our country. I've always been an advocate of the Melanated Community but it seemed that the Melanated Community was being played in a deadly manner in order to falsify the intensity of racial injustice in this country and to point the finger at one of the greatest Presidents that this country has ever seen. 

I came to the realization that not only that I love my country but I had to do something to contribute to our country. Some people join the military, some people take on positions in government, I chose to take on a position in intellectually honest journalism. As a Father and as a Citizen, I see it as my duty to bring about the changes that are needed in my field. 

The reason that I chose to pursuit journalism is the fact that a lot of our problems in America is misinformation or what Trump would call "Fake News." 

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