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Al Sharpton aka al charlatan ain't shit!

I was scrolling through response videos for Senator Tim Scott when I stumbled across a video on MSNBC of Al Sharpton giving his bullshit rebuttal to Scott’s speech stating that America is not a racist country.

Of course MSNBC will do nothing more than listen to the likes of Al Charlatan and give him the stage to spew the manure that normally comes out of his mouth in regards to race relations in America.

Messy Jackson and Al Charlatan has made a career of playing the race card and as a Melanated Man in America, it makes my blood boil that these White Liberals give them the title as leaders.

We can sit around all day and talk about racism in America which there are people with racist intentions. However, what is one thing that neither Messy Jackson nor Al Charlatan ever talk about whenever they speak to the Black Community about being behind the economic curve? HARD WORK!

Yeah, it’s easy to put the blame on White People and racism instead of self-reflecting on what causes an entire community to fall behind. Al Charlatan couldn’t even compete in the same playing field as Senator Scott simply because Scott had put in the work that it takes for him to be where he is.

What are Al Charlatan’s accomplishments besides race grifting and hearse chasing for his next opportunity to bitch?

Messy Jackson and Al Charlatan loves it whenever someone Black dies at the hands of the police department. That means payday for them and it keeps their bullshit newsworthy.

Yes, there are some aspects of our country that is systemically racist and the ones that puts those policies in place are the same people that Messy Jackson and Al Charlatan work for…THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!

Al Charlatan does what a good house nigga does the best whenever an uppity Melanated Man speaks the truth…attack the Melanated Man and not once turning to bite the hand that feeds him.

We’ve all seen that leaked skype call when Sleepy Jim Crow Joe was awake and stated with a firm voice what he wasn’t going to do for Black People. Al Charlatan just sat there like a lame fucking dog. Yet he came with the claws and fangs when he was given the stage to go after another Man with his same pigmentation.

Even during the days of slavery, the House Nigga was always the preacher. He was the one that the master trusted to keep the other slaves in check. Nowadays with Al Sharpton, we have a modern-day house nigga and he fits every description.

Al Sharpton is loyal to a racist master. He’s a plantation Christian minded preacher and perpetuates a problem that harms many of others with no cares as long as it benefits him.

Besides bitching and moaning over dead black people in front of the news cameras, we can’t name one thing that he’s done to help the community that he claims to represent. We can’t name one change in policy that he helped implement.

As loud as his mouth is, you would think that he would’ve said something about how out of all the executive orders that Jim Crow Joe has signed, not one went to reverse any policies that are detrimental to Black People. He’s not bitching about how the Asians cut in line to get attention.

He’s not talking about how Jim Crow Joe chose Cumswalla Harris as his running mate because she is Asian and the Anti-Asian hate order was to benefit her position and not that of the dumb asses who were suckered into thinking that she’s black. This also gives Chinese Citizens an untouchable quality being that they are planning on being the next front runners of trickery in America as the White Supremacist Jews are now. Cumswalla Harris is more of the 7-11 clerk (Indian) more than she is the lady in the drive-thru window (Black).

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