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America's New Civil War

There is nothing Civil about this internal conflict that we’re having in America right now and I think that the tolerance level is about to reach it’s lowest in the midst of this fraudulent election and this plandemic.

This Government was designed to be for the people and ran by the people. We only get the illusion that We the People are in charge around election season where we’re given to puppets to choose from.

Where Trump was a breath of fresh air by not being a puppet, we were railroaded back to the puppet show in a very disappointing and frustrating fashion.

The next step towards totalitarianism is starring us in our faces when our military troops are ordered to take the jab even if it is against their will.

In the Civilian World, the jab is a bargaining chip to keep employment and gain access to events and public travel.

What we should find disturbing is the fact that none of these pharmaceutical companies have legally absolved themselves from any negative side effects from the jab nor are they making those negative side effects public knowledge as if they would do any other drug on the market.

Some zombies are walking around arrogantly as if they’re safe even though it is publicly stated that the jab will not protect them from the unvaccinated…which the purpose of any vaccine is to protect people from the disease.

With the main public concern of the safety of the vaccine, the Biden Administration would be better off not forcing the vaccination on the American People with a population that didn’t vote for them in the first place.

This is a recipe for an expedient disaster.

Here is what it’s coming down to…how much longer will the American People let this government fall into the hands of tyrants?

How much longer will we suffer as our Constitutional Rights are stripped away from Us? Remember, they work for us, we don’t work for them! We’re their bosses, they’re not ours!

They planned this a long time ago which is why Washington D.C. and the U.S. Capitol Building looked like pre-1980’s era Berlin on Installation Day.

What we are facing is a government that are against the interest of its own people that traditionally staffed in those positions by the motivations of the People that placed them there.

With a heavily armed population, they’re anticipating the next move. This is a time where the People of the United States will either stand up and fight or will they cower down and accept tyranny.

This isn’t going to stop with the jab. See my video on Wednesday Night on the False Flag of White Supremacy.

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