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An Interesting Picture

Some people say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture however is worth billions of dollars to the powers that be.

I’ve interviewed with popular online content creators and they ask me the same question when they see the Rebel Flag backdrop. We won’t even get into the negative comments that I get in regards to it.

Simply put, I set an example that things don’t carry baggage, people do. I look at the flag as a symbol of the South and Southern Heritage.

Every flag in the world has some sort of grim history to it but that doesn’t mean that we represent the grim history as much as we do the pride that we have for our respectable geographic locations.

Some people say that the Klan toted the stars and bars. Well, the Klan also burnt crosses and toted the American flag. Who or what gives that hate group a monopoly over symbols?

I will add that there are some people who have the flag flying from their vehicles and they for the most are the least racists that you will ever meet.

To me the Southern Heritage flag also symbolizes rebellion. America was founded on rebellion and we celebrate rebellion on Independence Day. Do we look at the stars and stripes as a symbol of slavery even though one of the promises of great Britain was to free the slaves in the colonies once the war was won?

However, there is something more sinister at play. People fail to realize that when it comes to things as far as social injustice and police brutality that it is not exclusive to Black People but a certain class of People altogether.

We know about George Floyd but in the midst of it all, we’ve never heard anything from lame stream media as far as Tony Timpa goes. He died in the same fashion as George Floyd.

If We the People were to be able to see past our differences and work with each other instead of against one another then this picture could be a photo from a true event.

The media has Patriots listed as White Supremacists. I will tell it like it is. There are White Supremacists that wear the Maga gear, some even wearing the Southern Heritage Flag…they are not representations of MAGA nor People who value their Southern Heritage.

Most of these White Supremacist hate groups are White National Socialists. They not only hate People of Color but they also hate the system of Capitalism. They infiltrate such movements to give the media the ammunition that it takes to paint a bad picture on true patriots.

White Supremacists actually emerge in my chat room on my Youtube Page and also on the website. They hate MAGA and they really hate non-racist Whites. They are the true enemy to our American Liberties and Capitalism.

We the People must Unite and fight the wars on all domestic fronts that are before us. How do we get to that point? Serious answers only.

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