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ANOTHER 1776?! Weighing the options

It is often asked when or whether there will be another 1776. Let’s weigh the factors and draw up our own answers. The Colonists of 1776 were Farmers with an entrepreneur mindset or local business owners. They didn’t have the luxuries in life that we have now as far as indoor plumbing, electricity and obligations of satisfying debts to a financed lifestyle.

The original Patriots hadn’t a comfort zone to lean on or make them second guess when it was time to fight. Nowadays with cancel culture, the average American walks on eggshells under a Constitution that is supposed to protect his or her 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.

The consequences if misinterpreted or intentional could lead to a loss of gainful employment, a ruining of a notable reputation, and or continued harassment and bullying by those that disagree with that person’s stance.

This is what’s weighed against when one entertains the thought of participating in another 1776. They think of their mortgages, their employment and or businesses, their kids’ college tuitions, car payments…all that would be lost if they had to take up arms against their government for good reason.

The only reason that the government has us by the balls is for the fact that they hold our comfort zone. So people will wait it out…try to vote it out or find a way to tolerate the blatant and rapid theft of their sovereignty.

This is also why it is hard for Patriots to unify and form militias as given to them by the Constitution that they’re sworn to defend as many others died to protect.

You must understand that if it comes down to another 1776, this is also the land where our schools, churches and homes are on. This would be a great sacrifice that not too many are ready to make.

If no other foreign countries come in to invade during the entire altercation (which more than likely they will being that America has enemies who salivates at our resources), then we’d be looking at three generations of reconstruction.

Reconstruction that will land us either answering to or denying aid from the Central Bank that will eventually bring us back to where we are now…dealing with the headache of corrupted politicians that sells out their own citizens.

Another thing that we must think about is in foreign lands where our brave Men and Women and uniform have served is that the conditions of those countries were constructed by being located in an arena of war.

This means no trash pickups, no grocery stores, no electricity, indoor plumbing, no police to call because they’re either taking care of their own families or on the front lines fighting.

A lot of Americans will die in such a conflict for their lack of basic survival skills. A lot will surrender to the enemy for food and a warm bed to sleep in.

So the question is now, will Americans wait until they have no fighting chance? Will they wait until our rights are stripped away? Will they await three generations down the line for that generation to rise up and realize that something isn’t right? Or will they even give up if given the illusion of victory or compensated for their discomfort?

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