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The race relations that we have in this country is very fragile and the summer of 2020 has proven this. After we’ve seen the death of George Floyd on television, BLM made a lot of noise along with vloggers via apps such as tiktok and Youtube.

In the midst of the online bickering, pictures circulated of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant who was fatally shot by a Black Man in his front yard.

People were so emotional that they tried to conflate the two incidents. This only fueled the fire when there were and are still people in the Melanated Community who feels that Trayvon Martin didn’t get justice as well.

The media had done a good job with divisive reporting along with their online commentators posing as vloggers to stir the pot. We’ll just call them PPV’s which is an acronym for Political Pundit Vloggers.

The Right has PPV’s that speaks to people’s racial prejudices (not racism; there is a big difference) though racial prejudices are just one carjacking, one holdup at the ATM, one family member being harmed from becoming all out racism.

The left has PPV’s that speaks to their audiences ignorance of politics and misplaced hatred. These PPV’s usually gain a following by telling Melanated People that they face injustices in America and the only solutions to those problems are to vote democrat.

All popular media outlets tie into one source and they all report on opinions only peppered by the facts.

Another tactic of confusion that the Right media outlets weren’t reporting on but the Left had a field day was Patriot Movements such as the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and the 3 Percenters.

The way that the Left finessed their audience was having them to believe that these Patriot Movements were an extension of Nazi paramilitaries.

They also had their audience believing that the Patriots were going to do a mass slaughter in the streets of America on all minorities if Trump had lost the election.

The irony is that Black People went buying guns at an all time high from such rumors; all the while blindly supporting the party that wants to take their guns away.

It’s time for some education on these American Nazi’s. They are not conservatives. They are socialists. Currently they are working as double agents in a certain sense.

They’re hanging around Patriotic Websites such as this one (see my chatroom from Sunday January 30th) as they try to discourage Melanated People from becoming empowered by Conservatism.

They’re also coming out to the Rallies and making sure that they’re presence is known there. A group of them in the past two years shown up to Pittsburg carrying Trump Flags posing as Trump supporters.

We’ve seen them march in Washington hiding their faces claiming to be supporters of the Republican Party.

Here recently we’re seeing them have rallies of their own and shown up to the Trucker’s Convoy in Canada over the weekend.

With a paranoid opposition, they’re making themselves the faces of the Republican Party.

On the next article, we'll discuss how a full out race war can take place in America.

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