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With the nation on edge of other failures in the political arena, the media is pushing heavy a racial agenda. Unfortunately, a lot of people are taking the lamestream media on both the right and the left as informative instead of infotainment.

The Right is seeing the true reality of the Government collapsing while the left is sadly mistaking these unconstitutional changes that are destroying our civil liberties as a good thing.

I want you to keep in mind that there are White Supremacist paramilitary groups that are anticipating the day for the day to come to wreak havoc in the streets of America.

Yes, these White Supremacist paramilitaries are NOT to be taken lightly. They have compounds all over the country where they train in tactical shooting and martial arts as they prepare for the race war to come.

However, there non-racist Patriotic Groups that are armed, well trained & are fully aware of the fragility of the Republic. In the summer of 2020, these groups were tasked to prevent damage to their cities and towns due to the riots caused by BLM and Antifa.

The media painted the narrative that these groups were counterprotesting the riots and gave false impressions of these groups being racist paramilitary groups. They used the names Patriot and Racist interchangeably to give them a synonymous definition in the eyes of the misinformed Melanated Community.

This type of fear mongering caused Melanated People to purchase firearms at an all-time high. Social Media crackpots didn’t help with the rumors that these Patriotic groups were going to have a field day with Black People if Trump lost the election.

With this type of misinformed fear still prevalent presents a dangerous stance for the Black Community if we encounter a breaking point.

Those White Supremacist paramilitaries will be sure to fire the first shots leaving an uninformed Melanated America under the impression that the war is on.

Members of the Patriotic Groups will find themselves firing upon people who fears them by misinformation and will end up having to defend themselves. It will be a lot of fatalities by friendly fire sparked by fatalities of malicious racial intent.

This will push race relations in America back to the newly post Antebellum South destroying all of the progress that’s been made since then.

This won’t end pretty for any American Loving Patriot. Let me know your thoughts below and stay tuned for the 3rd installment which will predict the aftermath that will burn the U.S. Constitution and usher in socialism.

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