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calling out the fake patriots

Since the height of Covid, there were a lot of people furloughed from their jobs, some given options to work from home and this had given them time to jump on the bandwagon and play patriot.

Tiktok and Youtube platforms grown exponentially around the last of March of 2020. Controversial and conspiracy theory content soared at new heights. People built their brands from being wannabe news anchors.

It was the golden opportunity to earn money through cashapp, venmo and other online outlets. We’ve noticed that these same people after the fanfare died down thanks to the distractions of sports and celebrity gossip returning, that they’ve rebranded themselves. Some rebranded after talking recklessly online and being visited by the Secret Service.

Now their content is about everything other than politics and support for Trump. Their platforms range from celebrity gossip, religion, bashing homosexuality and even beefing with other content creators.

Those are the people that you know were bandwagon patriots and are nothing more than cheerleaders that used Trump as a mascot.

The true Patriots are the ones still holding the line. In some cases, we’re mocked by the people who re-branded themselves in the same fashion that the leftists mock us when they tell us that it’s over and we should just move on.

There is no moving on…nothing is going to go back to normal. We are dealing with a subtle invasion of our borders and facing another lockdown. This invasion is going to be one of an ethnic cleansing.

The true Patriots are trying to hinder the process of this before it’s too late. We see the writing on the walls and not just regurgitate what we’re hearing from other Patriots.

We know what this forced vaccine is all about. When have we ever had our government to care so much about our health that they are administering free medication? To the point where they are trying to force us to take it!

If this is the case then why hasn’t the government shut down the avenues of refined sugar or the food farms that inject pesticides and hormones into the food that are harmful to the human body?

Our eating habits will kill us before Covid will. If their obvious game is for population control then why in the hell are they so concerned about the size of the earth’s population now and who lives?

Be aware of these fake Patriots.

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