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It is no secret that the gloves are coming off as tensions raise between the United States and China. The past three years has become a war of information, biological warfare and with the most recent subtle declaration of war with China branding the United States as a weapon of mass destruction.

This war is both external and internal and internally the members of the Biden Administration, Congress and Senate all should be held accountable for treason against the United States of America.

China launched a deadly attack on the People of the United States with the Corona virus. Many of us lost close friends and family members. I personally lost a close cousin from the 'plandemic' who was a Sweet Soul that nobody could deny.

Some of you Christians can say that it was simply her time for God to recall one of his angels, others of you can say that these things just happen, I call her death as really what I see it as…A CASUALTY OF WAR!

When we lose people that we care about in an act of war, it drives our hatred and motivation for revenge a lot stronger towards the enemy.

This act of war was far more than any other act of war ever imaginable. This act of war didn’t aim for voluntary enlisted soldiers, it aimed for our family, our friends, our co-workers and underlined it all with an attack on our finances.

The Wuhan Virus was designed to kill. If anyone in Washington was on our side, instead of forcing a vaccine on us that we’re not confident in taking & for good reason; they’d be very transparent with the reason that we’re dealing with this biological weapon of mass destruction in the first place.

They wouldn’t be dividing Americans by vaccinated and unvaccinated.

If anyone in Washington was on our side throughout this tragedy, they would hold big pharma accountable for cashing in on the inconvenience of the American People.

We will get more into that on the next post but until then, I want something to sit with you that won’t sit well. We are as the American People NOT sovereign citizens but crops on a tax farm and the bank has been China.

America is undergoing a voluntary repossession. Voluntary by the debtors (our government), and involuntarily by WE THE PEOPLE!

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