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As I thumb through the controversial and political side of tiktok, I see how the app serves as a good surveillance camera for the CCP. It’s a scary thought that the enemy can see what those of us with good common sense can see.

On the Right, you have a slew of Trump worshipping, egotistical, Candace Owens subscribing closet racists, dopamine addicts and claiming the title ‘patriot.’

On the left there are a lot of self-loathing, misinformed & self-sympathizing, public school indoctrinated, jackasses claiming that they’re fighting for social justice.

Where I used to hate the anonymity of the internet, I know embrace it for the fact that I know exactly what people are really thinking.

On neither side do I see an abundance of Patriots nor an abundance of Social Justice Warriors. Both are expected to be knowledgeable of current events and would have an achievable goal other than selling merch at best or to gain likes and follows at worst.

Patriotism and Social Justice both go hand in hand. One secures a country and the other secures justice to be served within and both are ready to lay their lives on the line to accomplish those two goals.

You have to be honest with yourself when you ask, “Are you a Patriot or are you playing a Patriot on tiktok TV?”

Are you willing to put your life on the line in the face of a tyrannical government? In 1776 there were no tiktok videos, no police (besides the British Soldiers), no indoor plumbing, trash pickup or any expectations of entitlement other than what the American Colonist felt that they deserved.

Everybody want to be a Patriot until it is time to do some Patriotic shit. Ask any Marine what comes with that beautiful Uniform that can get them laid even with the worst of facial aesthetics.

Every online Social Justice Warrior wants to be a Social Justice Warrior until it’s time to do some real Social Justice Warrior shit.

If you’re a wannabe Social Justice Warrior just admit it and shut the fuck up. Opening that hole in your face in front of a smartphone, trolling and doxing someone that you disagree with doesn’t make you a social justice warrior.

The question that remains is are you ready to die for what you believe in. Are you ready to face not being alive to reap the fruit of your labor but make the ultimate sacrifice so that others after you can live in a more fair and balanced society?

A lot of online SJW’s aren’t ready to make that sacrifice. They’re only purpose is to gain likes and follows by showing up at protests that turns into riot scenes and logging into their cashapps and paypals for providing free online entertainment.

More popular online SJW’s are paid by political campaigns to jockey votes as they purposely mislead their followers with no remorse of the outcome where disappointment is the highest expectation.

Usually the media plays both sides to give an illusion of a large favorable audience.

Bottom line, America is about to be taken from us. We don’t have time to spread a divisive narrative between fake patriots and self-serving social justice warriors.

If you’re paying attention to the world news, China has openly taken their gloves off and are ready to seize the world with a more hands on approach.

Stop living under the political illusion of the Right versus the Left. Look at this situation as you’re in a family feud.

You have gay, straight, prosperous and less fortunate family members. In modern day times you have family members of genetically different ethnicities.

At the end of the day, nobody is allowed to bicker, fuss, or fight with other family members but you. If you saw someone trying to infiltrate your house while you and your family members are bickering, you’d put your differences aside and join forces to eliminate the threat.

This is our American Family, This is Our American House, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY and we’re being burglarized.

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