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Democrat, Republican...NO FUCKS GIVEN

On Right Leaning media, I hear a lot of subjects starting with ‘the radical left.’ The radical left, the radical right, it’s all the same fucking government entity.

Why are we getting so caught up in titles when one side of government must allow the other side to function. If it was really that uncivil between the two, the Nation would’ve been at Civil War by now, don’t you think?

We’re talking about a Capitol invasion, abandoned troops in Afghanistan, unsafe schools that allows young girls to be assaulted in the bathroom and the list unfortunately goes on.

There is no such thing as a radical left that is getting their way. There is a such thing as a government that is allowing it to happen and the only failsafe there is to this situation is not functional being that We the People of the United States are divided.

The only thing that our politicians do on the Right is tell us what the left is doing and sit there without solutions but complaining as much as everyday people do online. Wake your asses up!

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