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Elon Musk Buys Twitter? What Does that Mean for the Users?

In recent discussions revolving around the tech giant Twitter being bought by Elon Musk, there are a lot of celebrations in regard to having a free speech platform.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. Let’s talk about the good thing first.

People will be able to say what’s on their minds. No more restrictions on the thoughts of the China Virus, the China Virus Vaccine, the integrity or should I say lack thereof with the elections process and other things that we’re not allowed to speak on with public social media platforms.

People are creatures of habit. Where these big tech giants would censor free speech, there were other options by Patriotic app companies that didn’t get the support of the patriots that they were marketed for.

We have twitter and we have parlor. More people chose to go on twitter because on twitter there were more alliances and oppositions.

It’s really no fun when you have a large following of people in your echo chamber. You must have opposition as a content creator.

Don’t think that left leaning people are going to be leaving twitter. Now this is where we Segway into the bad part of this.

Where left leaning Americans may not be able to silence their opposition, they can use their tweets against them in other avenues.

We just saw in MTG’s testimony where she was asked about a tweet that she liked years ago.

Where mainly left leaning people can’t silence you in a free speech atmosphere, they can use whatever you post, like or comment on against you.

I would suggest anyone that can’t take the heat to stay out of the twitter kitchen. This is for those who loves to troll other people and then go screaming victim when that person responds back their trolling.

Trump however decided to use his name to go to market his own website at Truth Social where people were expecting him to come back to Twitter. However, with Trump losing steam and momentum by who he's endorsing on his Save America tour, people aren't really finding Trump to be that interesting anymore.

At the rallies people leave when he's in the middle of speaking from exhaustion of standing there all day. Trump would probably be better off if he joined Musk's venture in operating Twitter.

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