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Fear Mongering to Sell Gold

There are advertisements mainly on Conservative media that invites their audience to buy gold just in case the social contract is broken and the banks close.

In the scenario of widespread panic due to the banks closing, what good is gold? At that moment in time, there would be no banks to cash in on it for any value.

Gold, precious metals and antiques are only valuable in a society where there is an organized bank to assess the worth.

In the case of the banks crashing, the only priority at that time would be just to survive and keep your family safe for as long as you can.

In a post-apocalyptic society, the only thing that matters are the tools and the skills to survive. Ordinary citizens would become either allies or robbers.

With a country as mineral rich as America, it wouldn’t be too long before a country with a powerful military invades.

The People would be too divided to fight back and defend their land and in the worst case, People would be so hungry that they’d easily surrender.

The only thing that an invading military would have to do is offer food and security.

People wouldn’t be able to trust each other to unite. We’ll talk about that in detail on my next show.

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