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You must keep in mind that in the modern era of propaganda, the lamestream media gives deceiving information to muddy the waters

of a clear rebuttal. We must understand that the cause of the purpose of this protest is to reject a tyrannical mandate imposed on a Free People.

The lamestream media works for the government and not to the better interest of the People. They’ve played the race card, the fear card, and the care card; and not one card that they’ve laid down for the scrutiny of the American People is the fact that a mandate is completely out of unacceptable to the American People.

Canadian truckers laid down the tracks and the Truckers of the United States are following suit.

What should cause deep concern in each and every one of us is the fact that the Canadian Government has now laid down martial law by overriding basic Civil Rights.

What does that mean in America if our government follows suit? Simply put, it would make the whole George Floyd- BLM scandal look like a legitimate cause. The only thing is that we wouldn’t be able to tie one race to the tragic incidents that may occur involving law enforcement and citizens.

This is where the gloves will come off and our government will show their true colors. It will become transparent that We the People are not really in charge like the illusion that we’ve been led to believe.

Major social media platforms from big tech already restricts what we can and can’t say about the results of the election, the cause for the China Virus nor allow us to talk to each other in regard to organizing a protest against the tyrannical state that we’re now facing.

Yet, Antifa was allowed to organize violent demonstrations using the same social media platforms. Now do you see why Trump was de-platformed?

Every tweet goes viral and this is dangerous to the powers that be. The plan is to make it very difficult for Americans to organize and once we become organized, the new name that they will have for those American Citizens is ‘domestic terrorist.’

They call you a domestic terrorist because you’re challenging your government in a Constitutional manner and expecting results. We all know that the people who follow BLM aren’t and were not aware of the detrimental results of the Jim Crow Joe Biden administration when they were rallying against Trump.

Most of them don’t expect results; they’re sedated to dream of being ‘woke.’ They’re satisfied with feel good speeches and symbols instead of tangibles.

The Melanated Rebel News Network fully backs the decisions of the Truckers and applaud their dedication to Patriotism. Please leave a comment below.

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