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How the Republican Party Became Corrupt

A lot of us will deny that there was a Southern Strategy where the parties switched. It makes it easier to sell the propaganda and the talking points of the Democratic Party being the party of slavery, Jim Crow and planned parenthood.

When I was at Blexit of South Carolina (which is a bullshit organization) I had seen where a short clip of a Malcolm X interview where he talked about the White Liberal being sly.

If someone sat down and watched the whole interview, Malcolm wasn’t big upping the White Conservatives (which is what 98% of the entire audience consisted of).

In short, he stated that the White Liberal was like the Fox where the White Conservative was like a wolf. The White Conservative were blatant with their intent where the White Liberal pretends to be the friend of the Black Community.

He wasn’t talking about the Conservative Republican…he was talking about the Conservative Dixiecrat. The Conservative Dixiecrat that was the party of the Klan, Jim Crow and racial hatred.

If one was a Conservative Republican, they’d be conserving the mindset of Fredrick Douglas, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King and even Malcolm himself.

The Republican Party erected towards the end of the Civil war and changed their strategy from freeing the slaves to focusing on big business with the growing industrial trends.

I’m not a fan of a lot of these popular Black Conservative bootlickers being that they preach conservatism from a Dixiecrat stance as they fly under the banner Republican.

Popular Black Conservative bootlicks only makes the racism that’s been destroying our country for over a damn century makes racial hatred more palatable.

The Dixiecrats not only infiltrated the image of the modern Republican Party but also held onto the Democratic Party.

The soft racist indoctrination of the modern-day Republican Party turns off a lot of Black voters. If the Republican Party really values the vote of the Black Community then they’re going to have to get away from these alt-Right talking points that runs parallel to the talking points of the Ku Klux Klan.

It is NEVER a White Person’s place to tell a Black Person about who and what is good for them whether they be Republican or Democrat.

We as Melanated People aren’t looking at the White Americans and publicly bashing them for the poor and disenfranchised of their race. That type of thing brings racial division.

We are well aware of the criminal elements in the impoverished area of Black America but the impoverished areas of Black America isn’t Black America just like the trailer parks and Middle American shit holes isn’t the representation of White America as a whole.

If Black America is in disarray because Black America votes democrat then what’s the reason for poor White America that votes Republican?

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