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Pranceton "The Beacon" Rodrigues Williams is a local gospel singer in the upstate of South Carolina where he is known for singing at local churches and appearing in a couple of rap music videos as a singer. Things that he should be known for (especially if you have kids) are his allegations against him pressed by his own sister for sexually abusing his niece.

He was first arrested on 11/27/2019 with the above charges. Approximately a week later he was released to house arrest where he harassed his sister via social media and allegedly made anonymous complaints to Child Protective Services in retaliation of her reporting him to the authorities.

Super Bowl weekend of the following year, he was arrested again for breaking his house arrest. His sister was notified that he had broken his house arrest for the safety of her child and herself. Once he was back in custody, he had tried to get back out on house arrest using his health issues caused by his morbid obesity as an excuse. He was denied release.

He had recently posted on social media while he was playing victim of himself in a recording studio and another post of him having a steak dinner at a midscale restaurant.

Then Covid precautions came about where he was released again on house arrest. Once released, he stopped wearing his ankle bracelet and was brought back to trial. He had came with an attorney and a note from his doctor that the ankle bracelet was hurting his diabetes ridden leg and was released with no supervision but was ordered to stay in the house.

The first thing that he had done was made this post to his social media page as if he wasn't in court just that morning pleading to be conveniently released for the allegations.

Williams is a clout chaser and an opportunist. In his personal life he fabricates his position from his education to his life's merits...for lack of better words; he is a professional bullshitter.

He attaches himself to people via photo-ops to appear as if he's a part of something noticeable in the community.

In these pictures you can see him wearing a construction hat when it's quite obvious that this man's capabilities of utilizing a hard hat would either be to wear it in a photo op or to use it as a serving size bowl for Cheetos for him to consume alone.

I had spoken to his lawyer earlier that morning in the hallway and told him that his client would be the type that would be released temporarily and go on social media dropping your name like he beat the charges. Well, this picture was taken that day.

Keep in mind that he used the pandemic also as a reason to be temporarily released due to jail being an unsafe place in his health condition....

This picture was from a rap music video that the local news station covered for the Black Lives Matter movement. The irony is that this song was aimed at combating systemic oppression all the while he's taking advantage of his freedom from a lax court system.

I don't see any masks nor social distancing in this video scene while he's concerned about his health. He was so concerned about his health for the China Virus but not worried about putting down the junk foods that landed him fighting diabetes...which kills more Melanated People than Covid does.

Today he was scheduled to appear in court for a plea bargain which would've landed him a lighter sentence and he'd have to register as a sex offender. He was a no call, no show. According to his sister, he will be issued another subpoena to show.

With a combination of frustration and disappointment in her voice she stated, "I understand why people are afraid to come forward when having to deal with this system. I just can't believe it."

In the State of South Carolina if you miss your court date for something as light as a traffic ticket, you can expect a bench warrant to be issued for your arrest. However, if you're an alleged pedophile, you have the luxury to show up for court when you damn well pleased.

Being that sexual assault runs rampant in the Black Community, you'd think that they'd have more to talk about than some ballgame or some douchebag slapping another douchebag on stage for an off colored joke.

Will Smith received praise for 'protecting black women.' All of this praise came from people who won't even protect Black Children.

The Black Woman on the screen with him playing the slave was well aware of his charges at the time along with another Black Man who played in the video as well in another scene. This did not matter to them...they didn't want to miss their chances to be on television and get some credit on their IMDB page.

I had told this story on Youtube before...Williams had the video flagged for harassment and bullying. No worries, the video is still in the loop here on the website.

Be sure to share this video and give me a comment in the comment section below.

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