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Hunter Biden’s Laptop…Something Isn’t Adding Up!

Don’t misunderstand me when I say that the Biden Administration is the worst thing for this country. Joe Biden is a piece of shit, and his son Hunter will forever be known as a crackhead.

We all know that it’s been stated he has had illegitimate dealings with Ukraine and with Russia.

A lot of you are taking this in a prideful stride as you clap back at these terrible people and not one time asking, “Why is this making the Right Wing and Left Wing News media?”

Why would the fake news media throw us a truthful bone suddenly?

Do understand that they are trying to earn your trust back after proving themselves to work in unison with each other against you.

Million and billion dollar companies have the assistance of internal I.T. departments to keep proprietary customer information confidential.

They don’t take their computers to local computer stores to get them fixed. Unless the files were corrupted by a virus that were discovered to make these transactions, how would the computer technician know what he was looking for and where to look?

When clearing viruses for friends and family of mine, I know what the virus connected itself to and find out what kind of pornography and fetishes that they are into.

No computer store will take in a laptop without properly checking it in to trace it back to a customer just in case it is damaged, lost or stolen from the store.

So, who did the laptop belong to? How did the laptop with high dollar proprietary information end up in the hands of a privately owned computer repair shop? Why is this information being released to the public? Who is this information set out to trip up to make them fall?

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