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January 6th commission bullshit

January 6th was a tragic day in America but the lame stream media is painting it to be THE MOST tragic day in America. I have come to believe that this is just another smokescreen.

One thing that I’ve noticed about the testimonies from the police officers there today is that anytime you’re dealing with any sort of legal setting; when describing an event you always give an approximate time if not the exact time.

From Officer Dunn, the only exact time that he’d given was when his shift started. This is really important in this matter. Why? Because the times that the media reported that the Capitol Building was raided, Trump was still on the stage.

He gave his followers specific instructions to protest peacefully. So how and why when he was still on stage giving that speech that people magically appeared at the Capitol.

This was a false flag operation and another strike at the Freedom Loving People of our Country. Patriots come in all colors and from all nationalities. Yet, they want to make the Patriots seem like White racists.

So they made sure that Officer Dunn testified about being called racial slurs. What about People like me who gets called racial slurs from other Melanated People and White Liberals. Do I get any sympathy here?

Stay tuned, we will be covering this nonsense as it continues.

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