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Kabul is taken by the taliban

This is bullshit! Just this time last year there were rumors circulating about Russian bounties on U.S. Troops under Trump’s command. This year under Biden’s command we’re seeing Afghanistan being overrun by the Taliban.

Are we forgetting while America was having their emotions toyed with about Simone Biles withdrawing from the Olympics that the Chinese Communist Party was meeting with the Taliban.

Then Saturday happens…where the Taliban now has control of our military equipment and God knows what else that the lame stream media can’t or won’t report to us.

Right Wing and Left Wing Media are equally responsible for the American People of not being in the know to even suspect that this is an event that could take place more sooner than later.

It is safe to assume that China is working with the puppets of the United States government to weaken it’s people in order to push through the agenda as we now see it but can’t talk about on heavily monitored social media.

If we’re living under a government that doesn’t respect the voices of the people on social media interacting with each other, how in the hell can we expect that same government to care about our voices at the voting polls?

Which is what 99.9 percent of the problem is now with public outcry for the fact that we’re not even allowed to speak inquisitively in regards to the plandemic of the China virus nor the fraudulent election that had taken place right before our very eyes.

So why was China in Afghanistan? Why is the Taliban that was once under control so ballsy to step up and step to the United States of America after 20 years of military occupation?

Where are the Taliban getting their weapons from in order to bring forth an attack against the United States? Last month Beijing had talks with the Taliban recognizing it as a legitimate military force.

This month the Taliban is acting like one. While China and the Taliban were gearing up for this attack on territory, what was the Biden administration having American Citizens doing? Snitching on their fellow citizens for possibility of being a White Supremacist extremist?

We’ve had White Supremacist extremist way before Donald Trump ever thought about entering the Office. They’re just now wanting to do something about White Supremacist extremist? What, before the Trump Presidency there was no such thing as the Nazi Low Riders, the Peckerwoods, the Dirty White Boys, nor the Aryan Brotherhood?

The F.B.I. has been after domestic White Supremacist terrorist groups for years. What’s the emphasis now other than just a smoke screen for being negligent in Afghanistan and the rest of the world?

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