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With the news reporting on U.F.O.’s and close encounters with E.T. has led me to believe that the lame stream media has sold out like all other channels that had an original intent.

Remember when MTV used to play music videos before whatever junk that they play on there now? Remember when the History Channel used to show history before the reality TV shows such as Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars and conspiracy documentaries about ancient aliens?

I remember when A&E used to show the symphony and classic arts. I do miss those days.

We can now say the same about the lame stream media. We have two different mindsets in America and unfortunately those mindsets grow more polarized by the day.

Along with making extremists on both sides, they’re throwing in some Alien encounters. I can only imagine that they’re trying to take over Alex Jones’ old Info Wars content on the right.

I remember when the old school Republicans didn’t buy into conspiracy theories such as the tragedies of September 11th being an inside job nor entertained the thought of Alien visitations.

I can tell you my thoughts on Aliens and UFO’s but that would have to be saved for another post. If people can believe in something as faith based religions, I don’t think that E.T. is too farfetched.

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