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Melanated Man's Burden

The one thing that I find to be the most aggravating in modern American culture is not having a voice in the crowd of a crowd that seems to have the loudest voice.

The more I dug into it the more that I found that it wasn’t the crowd with the loudest voice but a few people in the crowd that approved of someone else speaking for them. However, the crowd just walked in a daze and not only defended the erroneous stance that they were being represented with but also alienated people in the crowd that didn’t agree to being misrepresented to the rest of the world.

This crowd that has the loudest voice speaking for them that gets offended when someone mocks them are cool with being mocked as long as it’s done in the name of a trend and not that of mockery. Unless mockery itself is considered a trend.

This crowd embraced names like nigger, thug, whore, bitch as long as these names were being addressed in a trendy manner. To actually have the loudest voice in this crowd as an adversary to the detrimental trend would be dangerous and fatal.

Civil Rights Leaders that are praised by this crowd were murdered by the people of this crowd with the same mindset.

This is a mindset of slavery. Slaves don’t want to be free. Slaves want to stay on the plantation because they don’t have to deal with the responsibility for providing their own shelter, clothing or even work.

A lot of people in this crowd are still slaves. They are slaves to their emotions and slaves to their own fears. When someone tells them to pull themselves up by the bootstraps, they will argue that they have an unequal playing field versus assessing the risks and joining a free society in working to establish their dreams.

It is frustrating to be socially tethered to this crowd of people simply because an elitist agenda still works hard to keep the racist class system alive as they did to invent it.

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