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My diagnosis with the China Virus came the day after my birthday 12/29/2021. I went to urgent care being that my regular doctor was booked until the next week.

One of his main staffers that had taken my call had told me that calls with my symptoms had been coming in all day long.

When I went to urgent care, the line was around the building. People were told to wait in their vehicles.

I waited in my car for four hours to be seen. My symptoms of course were flu like. Tired run-down feeling, headache, soreness all over, pain behind my eye sockets.

I knew something wasn’t right when I slept in until 11:20 something. I’m usually up and running around 6:00 AM.

My nurse practitioner stated that she wanted to check me for Covid and check me for the flu just to play it safe.

After about twenty minutes, the doctor came back into the room and told me that I was Covid positive.

I can’t lie, I freaked the fuck out inside. However, he told me to go home and quarantine myself for ten days.

He also told me to drink lots of fluids and eat healthy during the time of the virus running its course.

Now what freaked me out was the fact that I had friends of mine diagnosed with it out of state and not even five days earlier I was around family and friends…they were fully vaccinated but still yet, I wouldn’t have wanted to be the one to cause them any harm.

Now this is the kicker. One friend of mine who I wasn’t in contact with had been diagnosed and she’d experienced heart fluttering and loss of taste and smell.

She told me that her symptoms started like mine. I called an in-law of mine who is a nurse, consulted with my Herbal Doctor in Australia and even gotten some advice from a tiktok friend who inboxed me all the same advice.

Load up on Zinc and Vitamin C. I was freaking out that the symptoms would get worse especially after my wife contracted it from me a day later.

Needless to say, we’re both fine. I am still tired and a little bit sore but nothing is killing me like the boredom of having to stay put for another five days.

If this was the hype that everyone was talking about with the China virus, just like everything else that comes from China, for me is nothing to worry about. I’ve had septic Tonsillitis kick my ass harder than covid did.

However, I did notice something strange around the 12th of December and some of you can do a check.

A trick that Dr. Bauchman taught me which dentists practice…feel your glands in your neck close to the bottom of your ear lobes. If you experience swelling there, more than likely you’re already fighting off some sort of infection in the body.

Anytime you’re feeling the symptoms of a virus whether it be fever, diarrhea or vomiting; that’s your body’s way of fighting off an existing infection.

We often mistake the symptoms as the illness itself when really it’s the immune system working overtime to bring the body back to working condition.

Instead of the World Health Organization pushing for people to take this mandated vaccine, they should be pushing for people to eat healthier diets and live healthier lifestyles.

That would make too much sense now wouldn’t it?

I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers. I am coming back this week more healthy, more stronger and ready to kick some ass in 2022 and beyond!

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