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Now Pedophilia is a Sexual Preference?

I’m not going to label this as a subject for the Right or the Left being that we’ve established that these puppets in Washington are just playing political theater with US, the American People.

We are witnessing a day in time where lewd sexuality is being forced on our kids and against the will of the parents.

The first topic that I want to cover on this is Seth Rogan’s ‘Santa Inc.’ The Claymation styled animation seems to be a parody of the classic Claymation that we’re all familiar with.

When I was a child, I would have to sneak into the living room or my parents’ bedroom while they were at work to have access to Rated R movies and programming.

Mainly I would watch the things that I knew that I wasn't supposed to have been watching. With this movie being written in an animated style, what kid wouldn't want to sneak and watch this and I honestly believe that he was blatant in wrapping such filth in a child attracting package.

For the bad reviews that was received on this, he blames White Supremacists, go figure. Well, I must be a White Supremacists as well for not wanting children exposed to such filth. His movie "Sausage Party" was so lewd that I threw the DVD in the trash.

With online accessibility, children now no longer have tight parental restrictions.

Also, shows that were geared for family entertainment such as ‘Different Strokes’, ‘Mr. Belvedere,’ & ‘Webster’ would cover what to do if touched inappropriately by an adult.

Modern entertainment is currently changing the definition of sexuality. We’ve all heard the ‘pronouns’ and the heterosexual shaming for not addressing them.

Now they’re trying to change the definition of Pedophile. See clip here courtesy of Fox News and the ‘Libs of Tiktok’ group on twitter.

On tiktok which is an app accessible to kids, these are the kind of freaks that you can see talking to a world audience. It is known for Conservative voices to be muffled for 'hate speech' on that app Check out the video in the tweet below.

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