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Greenville, South Carolina, August, 23rd, 2021 A.D.

This morning a protest was held in Greenville, South Carolina in front of the Prisma Healthcare practice on Grove Road near the downtown area. The protest was against the Prisma Healthcare facility forcing the healthcare workers to vaccinate or lose their employment with the company. Some weren't protesting against the jab but protesting against their rights to reject it with good reason.

Organizers were also asking for no segregation tactics by means of forcing employees that were not vaccinated to wear goggles and N195 masks being that they're uncomfortable. In my opinion this would be the offspring of Orwell's '1985' & Hawthorne's 'The Scarlet Letter.'

Some reasons that I've received when interviewing is the reason that the live feed is no longer on my Youtube channel. Big tech is very sensitive about that information and even though that most of the people I've interviewed today were healthcare officials, Youtube will still flag my channel.

The protesters weren’t pushing a political agenda though they were proud Americans. Not conspiracy theorists, not what Libtards would call Trump Humpers nor the stereotype of the back woods, Flag wielding hillbillies that the lame-stream media paints anti-vaxers to be.

The Protesters were flag wielding nurses, healthcare professionals and their families and friends that supports them and the staff that the employers are bullying into taking the jab.

I’ve observed a sign in the crowd that read, ‘we refuse the mark of the beast’ in reference to the jab. The reference isn’t too farfetched from the substance of truth in this situation. In the Bible it describes that if someone refuses the mark of the beast then they’re not allowed to buy nor sell.

When companies start threatening their employees with mandated vaccines, this sounds like a forcing of one’s own free will as if you’re dealing with a diagnosed mental patient. Mental patients for the most have little to no rights as they’re heavily medicated and forced into a padded room tainted with feces and given a hole in the floor to defecate in without the courtesy of sanitation or toiletries.

What should really worry us is what happens if our medical staff rightfully refuse to risk their own wellbeing and leave their jobs in large numbers. Where does that leave the hospital staff for non-covid related illnesses?

Either way this thing turns out, we’re looking at some real trying times in our near future. With the medical staff looking to walk away from their careers, they have something way more valuable to consider which is the wellbeing of their own families.

No, they’re not being overly paranoid for refusing to take this vaccine and a leaflet that I’ve picked up at the protest this morning explains clearly why and its only common sense with these bullet points that the leaflet points out.


*Pfizer and Maderna vaccines use mRNA technology, which has never been used before in humans.

*Concerns about the new technology include genetic interference, infertility, and autoimmune reactions


*Previously developed coronavirus vaccines have failed at creating long-term protection.

*Dr. Anthony Fauci has stated publicly that the COVID-19 VACINE isn’t going to create a long duration of immunity and will likely only last a few months.


*According to the CDC, all vaccines have the potential to cause injury or death. If an individual is injured or killed by a COVID-19 vaccine, the manufacturer cannot be held liable per the emergency PREP Act.

*Without any liability, what incentive is there to ensure the vaccine is as safe as possible?


*The COVID-19 vaccine is the most rushed vaccine in history. Clinical trials have only lasted a matter of months, which means the full scope of adverse reactions has not thoroughly been measured.

*As a result, medical professionals around the world have expressed concern about whether or not this vaccine is even safe for the general population.

*Additionally, several manufacturers skipped animal testing and went straight to human trials, bypassing an important part of the safety process.


*Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Astrazeneca and Moderna have been convicted multiple times and fined hundreds of millions of dollars for medical fraud, negligence, and lying about the efficacy and side effects of their products.

The Leaflet also added the following website for more information at

These are all questions that if you were to ask on Youtube would get your channel temporarily shut down for giving medically false information when these are legitimate facts and concerns that is only natural to have.

What else is this telling us whenever the social media platforms are delivering fact checkers and policing heavy for citizens talking about this? Think about it for a second. We’re in a country and live under a system where we’re allowed to vote which means that the voices of the people should be considered. Yet when it comes to this cancel culture and especially this vaccine, our voices don’t matter.

So, if our voices don’t matter when it comes to our wellbeing as Americans, what makes you think that they’re actually listening to our voices at the polls?

There is a reason why the lame stream media outlets are starting to portray the resistance to the medical and political tyranny as White Supremacy Extremism. It is America’s oldest fear.

However, my message to the members of the Melanated Community that is reading this, I want you to ask yourselves a question and only you can give the honest answer to this.

Why are they forcing the vaccine so hard in your communities via avenues of your churches? Think about how long you’ve been asking the politicians that float through your area every election season for change and the results of their victory.

You will get a simple “thank you” but no actions to follow. You’re still pushing for some assistance in owning the businesses in your community outside of the church and the barbershop before some of you realize that assistance for entrepreneurship for People of color means Middle Eastern, Asian or Hipanic but not Black.

You’re still wanting fair and effective policing, haven’t gotten that either but the Asians got a hate crime bill passed for them which makes even calling an Asian a racial epithet constitute as a hate crime. Still, nothing signed for you but a holiday and a statue of ugly ass George Floyd (Played by Stephen Jackson of the San Antonio Spurs).

Do you think those masked White Liberals came to your part of town looking to burn, loot and destroy were doing that because they’re tired of what’s happening to people in your community?

However, the vaccine to fight a virus takes center stage over all else that’s been killing you?

Do you realize that the relationship that your community has with the left has only been remedied by death? Abortions at 63%! Why are they so hard pressed on hiring celebrities and clergymen to convince you to taking a vaccine?

Weighing against everything that you’ve read here today, do you see why the vaccine is such a concern? One of the issues that I’ve heard last summer is that White People shop at organic stores where the foods are of higher quality than what’s at Walmart or the stores that are accessible to the inner-city Black Community.

So, think of this resistance that the lame-stream media showing you not as White Supremacy Extremism but as a reaction motivated by the health consciousness of what you’re told Whites are suspected to practice.

Let me say it much more understandable… Invoke some White Privilege in Your Black Thoughts!

This isn’t a Black or White thing…this is an American thing and right now our Freedom and our ability to challenge those who threaten our Freedom is being taken away.

Which is why it was an honor to have been given a chance to speak today to show my support for the staff that is being bullied into taking the jab.

Be sure to share this website with Family and Friends. I'm not a corporate sponsored entity nor do I have a Fox News, TPUSA or Prager U backing and promotional funding. The Melanated Rebel News Network is funded and represents the same entity that supports it....The People of the United States of America.

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