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#KyleRittenhouse #NotGuilty #GodBlessKyleRittenhouse #BLM #JeffMac

After what seemed to have been a year in the past week, the verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse is in…Not Guilty!

The Second Amendment Patriots’ hopes were restored today with the victory of the Defense in this case of Self Defense.

Where the Federal Government was hijacked by Communist embracing politicians with the help of wealthy foreign influences, tech giants and lamestream media, the justice system prevailed today.

Does anyone find it ironic and moronic that Jim Crow Joe stepped away from his position today after calling Rittenhouse a White Supremacist?

This is not a case about race…this is a case about the second Amendment being protected and the courts not being fearful of public outrage.

This verdict sent out a strong message to Communist American Hating Domestic Terrorists. If you call yourself wanting to destroy our country, the Patriots are Not Afraid of you! We will not bend, we will not comply and we will not surrender to domestic terrorists. Where you may have caused fear in the hearts of Americans in the past....MOTHERFUCKER, IT'S YOUR TURN TO BE AFRAID!

If you’re reading this, please be sure to say a prayer for Kyle and his Mother and give a Prayer of Thanks for our Justice System and Our Constitutional Rights being preserved.

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