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The Conflict in Ukraine…A Banker’s War? You Decide!

With any war involving the United States Military, there has always been a prerequisite for a humanitarian effort.

With the Revolutionary War, it was to liberate ourselves from England’s tyranny all the while not all of the Colonists were free in the result of America’s development. For those of you who are politically astute will know that America eventually became an extension of the British Empire.

With the Civil War, the humanitarian propaganda was to free the slaves from the Southern States. When the war in reality was about preserving the Union and collecting the revenue from the South.

Slavery was transferred from the private plantation owner to the prison industrial complex that still incarcerates Melanated Peoples at a disproportionate rate thanks to the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

With World War II we were taught that Hitler was killing Jewish People in Nazi Germany so therefore we had to stop him and his hatred.

Yet when we look at the war today in Ukraine, it is a known fact that the Ukrainian government has Nazi regimes that fight for their military.

Russia on the other hand isn’t complying with the authority of NATO and keeping their resources in house. Which is why NATO has cut off Russia from world banking and commerce right down to participating in sports such as Rugby, Tennis, and my favorite sport the World Grand Prix.

It's very important that you remember something that is recent history. Before Russia was cut off from social media; the people of Russia were protesting Putin’s war efforts in Ukraine. This isn’t something that the People of Russia approves of in its entirety, yet the citizens of Russia are being punished for Putin’s actions.

Ukraine used to be a part of Russia and there are a lot of family and friends that the people of Russia have there. So are prayers for the People of Ukraine should also be extended to the People of Russia as well.

Now let’s talk about the bio labs that are now mainstream (lamestream) media discussed. Putin right now isn’t acting like a leader of a Communist Nation. He’s acting like a Patriot.

Remember, to become a true Nation of Communism then your country must be a part of a Federation of the same ideas. Which is why Communist Russia was at one point in time asking to align itself with the ‘FEDERATION’ of NATO.

If Russia had parked their labs and their weaponry in Canada or Mexico then the United State Government and the People would agree that there is a problem that needs to be violently addressed.

This is where we must address and question the state of our sovereignty as Citizens of the United States. We have the right to protest but it seems here lately we don’t have the right to question the information that our government favored news media outlets are feeding us.

If we question the narratives, we are silenced on social media and are considered whack jobs or conspiracy theorists.

The media quickly will tell us that Trump is falsely claiming election fraud. For publicly agreeing with him, you’d be publicly shamed and silenced from big tech’s platforms.

Yet, Hillary Clinton’s campaign fucked with Trump for his entire presidency and set him up for failure by making those same allegations and it was publicly acceptable to claim that Trump stole the election from her.

We can’t talk about the vaccines on social media without being fact checked or de-platformed. These are serious issues that Americans should be able to freely talk to each other about.

If we’re not allowed to talk to each other then why in the hell would a government hear or acknowledge our voices in unity?

Bottom line, we’re sold another banker’s war. We’re sold this banker’s war in the guise of patriotism and freedom. Yet the same patriotism and freedom isn’t celebrated by our government here on the home front.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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