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Is it not amazing that when you go on your social media feeds today that people have moved on from the Ukraine and Russia conflict to talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage?

Where I lose my patience for my fellow Melanated People is the fact that we’re easily distracted when speaking on celebrity gossip and sports yet act like astute political journalists whenever a controversial election season arises.

When we wonder why Black People and White People can agree at the pulpit but can’t agree at the ballot box, it shows that there is a form of mental illness that has taken place stemming back to the way that Black People were taught Christianity and I go into depth on this in my video ‘Black Christians or Black Satanists? You Decide.’

This answers for their self-harming actions at the ballot box and in their day to day lives.

Not too many Black People will ever ask, “Why does this happen at the Oscars when there are Black People involved? Yet we become upset at any other race of people for falling for a stereotype of Black People.

The irony is that a lot of Black People think that this type of violence was funny at best or warranted at worst.

Why wasn’t security escorting Will Smith out when it was quite obvious that he could not control himself? The world’s most famous actor just slapped the world’s most famous comedian over a joke. I honestly believe that it was scripted to cause further distraction.

To add insult to injury, this idiot cried like a bitch when he got his award and spoke as if he was a hero when in reality he was and is nothing more than an overpaid whore fucking the minds of America for some Jewish pimp (really some true White Supremacist claiming to be Jewish to get the protection that shields White Supremacists from the fuckery that they cause in this world).

Yet, there is some weave wearing wicked witch somewhere praising Will Smith for getting violent for his whoring wife. How many Melanated Men are behind bars or in the cemetery now for doing exactly what Smith played in his reality show last night?

Being a trained attack dog and resorting to violence when violence wasn’t called for.

Smith found the joke funny until Jada had given him the 'sick'em boy' look. This was the same Jada that tried to de-escalate the dispute between Tupac and Biggie, remember? Now she encourages violence? Just when I thought that growing older means getting wiser.

Nobody is looking at what kind of image that this projects out to the world.

Damn, it angers me to see Black People being so distracted when we're facing a repeat of the Jim Crow era being imported from Ukraine.

Just like that, they're not talking about covid or anything else in the political arena anymore. Black Lives Matter? Black Unity? Where is the respect for other Black People when Chris Rock simply made a joke?

Believe what you like to believe...the event was staged and what should worry us is why were we thrown another distraction.

Please comment below and give me your thoughts

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