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I’m not quite sure if everyone has a full understanding of the gravity of our situation in the United States. Some people speak the words, ‘Our Nation is Falling Apart’ and still only say that phrase with an misunderstanding that our nation are going through uncomfortable changes that eventually we as American can recover from.

The sad truth is that our Nation is falling apart and without any swift political, spiritual and vocal actions; WE WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM IT! We no longer have the luxury of distractions.

We also no longer have the luxury of consuming misinformation from these news stations no matter what Right Wing or Left Wing banner that they present their divisive propaganda under.

What we are witnessing right now in Washington D.C. is nothing more than political theater. The script is already written of the outcome, and we are under the illusion that we can vote a different result as We the People.

If we were not looking at tyranny, then how come people that express their disdain are either silenced, publicly labeled as terrorists and considered to be dangerous.

It is transparent that We the People are nothing more than an audience without power and are held hostage in our seats as we are forced to watch the actors on the stage not work in our favor.

To mandate a nation of people to take a vaccine that they’re afraid of due to the lack of information and possible health risks isn’t a free state…it’s a dictatorship.

The way that the internet is being heavily policed in the United States is the replica of how the internet was policed in China just ten years ago.

They don’t want us talking to each other about the results of the 2020 election and they damn sure don’t want us talking to each other about that vaccine for the China Virus.

What are they afraid of? Can we say that this is a Government by the People for the People when the People really have no say in the government’s functions?

When a social media account is flagged and banned due to the spreading of misinformation, who is it to say that the information was true or false?

Wouldn’t it be wise to let people do their own research or is it that our government is simply telling us that we’re cattle with no common sense of our very own? Ironically this is the same government that tells us that we have enough common sense to research and elect our leaders in a ‘fair election?’

Do you get it now? We the People are being played against each other as what we call our country is being taken from US!

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