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The Texas Mass Shooting Isn't Political!!!

Biden’s speech addressing the shooting was some of the best acting that I’ve seen performed by the Commander and Thief since he first entered the office.

He did use the same ‘black hole in your chest’ line when addressing the Buffalo Massacre but we’ll leave that alone for now.

His speech started off as sincere, caring, and compassionate. Then he went to make the incident political.

The Parents that suffered an unfortunate loss doesn’t care about politics in a time that they have to plan funerals for their children.

The only thing that they want are their children back at the most and at the least, an explanation of why & how the coward entered a school & took the lives of their children.

We damn sure shouldn’t be looking to Joe Biden to solve anything when he’s not even acting as the President of a country that’s in disarray at the moment.

Sending billions of dollars overseas (to Nazis non the less) while America suffers from the rising costs of fuel isn’t acting as a President that’s worth having that chair.

There is no political rhyme or reason to why the tragedy occurred, nor can this unfortunate incident be explained by any politician.

However, the grim reality of tragedies like this happening across the country can explain why law-abiding citizens feel safe carrying their firearms.

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