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Another hurdle of Trump is that when he's running in 2024 is that he's going to have to address the election fraud of 2020 that will make more problems with people discussing this on social media. He already have the elites attacking him on his stance of election fraud. People are not going to be able to speak on this with their social media accounts and the lame stream media will spin this out of control to the point where things could get violent.

Let’s be clear…the election was stolen. The radical left and the deep state are not held accountable for their acts of election theft.

To be honest, we’ve never had a fair election in the United States except for in cases where the popular vote overwhelmingly defeated the votes of the preferred puppet.

Let’s also be clear that this election wasn’t stolen from Donald Trump…it was stolen from WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

So, what’s to stop this from happening again? Every rule or law that is made in any arena is enforced by consequences to the offender.

Members of the deep state and the radical left are above the law. They control the media outlets to sway public opinion and still give them the illusion of being able to pick their leaders by popular vote.

This is the United States of America…a world superpower. A superpower with financial backing of the deep state. Why in the hell that anyone would think that they would entrust the power to select how this country is governed to the people who are easily fooled by campaign slogans and advertisements?

We honestly want to believe that we are in power but the sad reality is that we’re not.

We can’t be. To be honest, we are afraid to rise up and challenge the deep state and hold them accountable because after all of the protesting, the marching, the bickering and radicalized speech; we’re afraid to lose our way and means of living.

We’re afraid of losing our freedoms. Those Patriots that are in federal jails right now from January 6th are just merely examples of how this illusion of power and fairness can be taken away from each and every one of us who will even think of taking action against the deep state that runs our government.

By no means am I encouraging nor inciting an overthrow of our government. If this does happen, who will run the government?

A better question would be that if our government is overthrown by the people, what would stop an invading force from coming in and taking what’s left of America?

Who is to say that the new people in power won’t be bought by the deep state to restore the old form of government that was overthrown?

This is where we are in America. Even if overthrowing the government was the next option, we must remember that power corrupts…no matter whose hands that the power is in.

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