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Trump is the Coach of Team MAGA…WE THE PEOPLE Are the Players

We as Patriots hold the name of Trump to a high standard simply because we thought that never in our lifetimes would we ever see transparency from the Office of the President of the United States.

Throughout the four years of the 45th President, we’ve also seen the transparency in the corruption from the media bias to the emergence of the ‘shadow government’ or what we would call the swamps.

Never in the history of the United States that we’ve seen a President receive so much ridicule but never in the history of the United States that we have had a non-career politician that resonated so well with the people.

However, we can’t look at Trump as the savior. We’ve seen what happened the last four years that he was in office from the smearing of his character to the theft of this past election.

We’ve also seen so many curve balls thrown not only at Trump but the American People. The overplaying of the threat of Corona was one of the hardest hitting curve balls thrown at the face of the American People.

America’s economy took a crash taking the American People with it. Our way of life was interrupted and corrupt media propaganda turned the American People against each other.

The grim reality is that we’re living in the first stages of a Tyrannical Government. It’s not as simple as voting our way out of this.

As Patriots our duty is to handle our business on a local level and let the radical left know that we’re not afraid to protest or make our voices heard as well.

We have our work to do in regards in organizing and assembling in our cities and our towns outside of the Federal Government but also in our local municipalities.

We must vet and groom our own candidates and be in communication with the Patriot Communities across the country to separate eligible Federal Candidates from the puppets that are generated by corporate wealth.

We the People are the Players. The Coach doesn’t win the game, the Players do with the coaches instruction. We already have our instructions. Let’s run the ball!!!

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