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The U.S. Convoy 2022 Facebook page was banned due to Facebook’s claim that the page was spreading false information on Qanon Conspiracies.

The Trucker Convoy’s purpose is to protest the vaccine mandates. With Truck Driving being the supply chain for our nation, it speaks volumes that We the People of the United States will mutually lock it all down in order to be heard.

What Donald Trump had brought to the table was giving Americans their tone of voice back. No longer will the American People accept excuses with a smile from politicians or will the American People continue to be ignored.

It’s obvious that there is a strong media bias from the lamestream media to big tech owned and operated social media outlets. One thing is for sure…they do not want us the American People communicating with each other.

We’re not allowed to make videos nor post about the results of the 2020 election nor are we allowed to make posts or talk about this vaccine that magically appeared with zero effectiveness.

The World Health Organization has recently changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ for this plandemic.

There are a lot of concerns that Americans have for this injection. The main contribution of doubt is the way that the information is being railroaded to the American consumer.

The American Consumer cannot question what is being forced on them to consume? This is the textbook definition of Tyranny.

Organizers of this event are speaking of making a lawsuit against big tech however, this is a small and peaceful rebuttal to the Tyranny that is not moving for us and is shielding itself with shaming tactics of labeling those who refuse to comply as domestic terrorists.

The question remains, 'what will happen when all peaceful protests delivers no solutions?' When is the breaking point? Just because the People are being silenced on social media and their words are purposely being misconstrued by the lamestream media doesn't mean that the People will continue to not make an effort to be heard. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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