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United States of china?

I’ve listed before the several reasons why this Asian Hate Crime bill was passed by the Chinese Owned Biden Administration. Think about it for a second.

The CCP was issuing heavy funds to America’s dying printing industries. New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times are all newspapers. Newspapers in the shadow of online news agencies, television and blogs aren’t top sellers in this modern generation.

The advantage that the mainstream print once had the full who, what and why versus the television that tried to squeeze all of the facts into a six-minute cover story.

As television news became more opinion based, the newspapers were the most reliable source for an unbiased opinion. Now with it being known that not only China has a hand in print also on internet-based websites accessible through American Social media, the threat is real.

The war China waged against We the People of the United States was one of biological warfare and that of information warfare. For this to have been allowed by our elected (installed) officials should boldly show us where their loyalties are.

It would be foolish for the American People to remain loyal or even have an ounce of faith in our political system after this is a known fact.

There were no massive hate crimes against Asian Americans due to Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Most of the crimes against Asian Americans were committed in areas that believed the lame stream media’s bullshit about Trump being a racist so you and I know good and goddamn well that they wouldn’t be whooping up on Asians in the name of Trump.

This crimes committed (provoked mainly by) Asians in the Black Communities were due to their rude behaviors towards Black Americans.

Nobody wants to discuss the racism that these motherfuckers have for Black Americans and the disdain that they have for them from the time that they arrive.

It was beyond frustrating watching all of these Blacks scream for the justice for Asians but when the crime bill passed, the Asians took to social media that the crimes committed against them were by Black People and not by White Supremacists.

They are now higher on the social pecking order under the Jewish and above the LGBTQ. What constitutes a hate crime? Simply calling them a derogatory name is listed as assault.

So, if and when the Chinese start setting up terror cells or other financial crimes start taking place in your country…you as a Patriot cannot act on it, talk about it online of what you’d like to do them or you’ll be facing federal charges.

With the borders wide open; Whites will be the minority by the year 2040 as planned and the simple reason for that is that these illegal aliens are ready to submit to socialism. This is what we would call ethnic cleansing.

They know what they’re doing by neglecting the border. We the People are the Government of the United States. We need to start acting like it.

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