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weekly pedophile watchdog: pranceton 'beacon' williams

This week’s pedophile watchdog spotlight goes to Pranceton ‘Beacon’ Williams of Greenville, South Carolina. He’s known in the local area as a singer and fancies himself as a man of God.

In November of 2019 he was arrested for the charges of sexual abuse with his own niece.

Now the question that remains is, “why isn’t this sick fished mouth fat fuck in jail?”

He was first released on bail as the local district attorney’s office dragged ass on taking it to court. He wore an ankle bracelet and would make videos and make malicious posts harassing his sister and her friends for reporting him.

Almost a year later, he was detained again for violating the terms of his house arrest. He stated that the reason for him being unable to keep up with the terms of his house arrest was the ankle bracelet was hurting his foot. He is a diabetic and he came to the court with a doctor’s note stating that the ankle bracelet was detrimental to his health. He was detained again due to breaking the terms of his house arrest.

He attempted to appeal and be released again due to his morbid obesity and was denied.

Not too long after, he was released without an ankle monitor due to covid. What does he do when he’s released?

Not only bragged about being able to beat the system but filmed a music video for a local Black Lives Matter protest. He boasted that day about being on local television. The theme was supposed to have been depicted in the days of slavery.

However, I can't picture this fat fucker working in the field as a slave...nor being anything that a slave master would use as a breeder if he wants to get anything done in the fields.

As he awaits trial, he sings at local churches and allegedly files false and malicious complaints about his sister with Child Protective Services to antagonize her for ever reporting him.

The local prosecutor still hasn’t taken this trial to court so justice could be served for his niece’s alleged assault.

Meanwhile, he sings at local churches in the area. Here is a picture of this parade float in his church apparel that's so gay that gay dudes wouldn't wear.

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