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Am I the only one that remembers being terrified of this new pandemic that were taking the lives of thousands overseas?

Am I the only one that remembers seeing bodies piled up on the streets of Europe and parts of Asia and was told that the body count is so high that the funeral parlors couldn’t take them all in?

Am I the only one that remembers seeing business districts full of office buildings, restaurants, and bars empty on a Saturday night?

We were told how dangerous that this virus was and everyone took the news as informative instead of the entertainment that it really serves as.

Just like that, we saw the stage play of George Floyd being killed on television and now it is safe to rally in the streets to compartmentalize all the racial bigotry in America on Donald Trump.

It was safe to protest and riot while it was dangerous to go to work and provide for your families? Somebody make this make sense!

In the midst of a pandemic, the Democrats had people rallying for them in the streets. Signing young and politically stupid people to vote for them.

Let’s just say that the virus was as deadly as it was portrayed by the fake news. Why would the democrats approve of people being out and about protesting and signing up to vote at these protests?

All the while calling Trump’s following a cult for showing up at the rallies during a pandemic.

I thought that Black Lives Mattered.

So now where are the new variables of covid? How are the cases going down if not everyone is vaccinated? How all of a sudden it was okay to not wear a mask during a sporting event such as the Superbowl where people traveled to California from all over the country to either play or be a spectator?

Being that we can’t talk about the vaccine online nor can we talk about the results of the 2020 election, we must understand something clearly.

We’re not allowed to talk to each other in methods that could reach the masses on the blatant treachery that the Democratic Party pulled off to steal the election.

Love is blind and so is hatred. The media attacked Trump for four years with such a hate campaign that Biden supporters are blind to certain important facts mentioned in this article.

They are allowed to promote the Democratic Party and even express their ignorance to their deceiving methods.

So where did this deadly virus disappear to? Can we just admit that we were all held hostage by the deep state and take it from there?

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