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On last night’s show 03/10/2022, I asked you all what was wrong with this picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. I couldn’t say on Youtube but here we are looking at this same picture.

Leftist Black People are quick to bring up slavery and how the White Man should rectify their past. However, the first thing that should be rectified is the fire that was never put out.

The fire of ‘Plantation Christianity’ which is the version of Christianity that wasn’t meant for a free citizen but for a slave.

We must come to terms that this version of Christianity practiced by the descendants of slavery does everything opposite of what Christianity is meant for.

Which is why you have so many Black People that are mental slaves now that physical slavery has been abolished. So let’s talk about what all is wrong with this picture and if you can spot anything else, please let me know.

1. Joe Biden is a very racist man. It is known how evil this son of a bitch really is. How and why is he in a church surrounded by Melanated People?

2. This is a man who stands for the eradication of Melanated People through his policies that either incarcerates them down to the abortion clinics that kills the babies before they’re even born.

3. These People are all wearing masks. They claim to be Christians and Christians READ the Bible but they don’t read the precautions of the packages of the masks. Meaning that they’re useless against the transmission and protection from infection.

4. Black People love photo ops. Meaning that they want to show their entire faces to boast of their experiences with famous people. Even in this still picture, not for one second did they remove their masks.

5. For those of you who can see the stain glass, those are pictures of European images of Biblical figures. Yet, this is a Black Church with a Black Congregation and they are real quick to tell you who and what race Jesus was. Don’t be offended White People…Black People may talk about all of those racial issues but deep down, they worship you.

6. Look at them, in a church begging a White Man to make changes in their sorry lives. In their eyes, the White Man that they hate so much is their god.

I will end by saying this. When God and the Devil is taught, we’re taught that they are two powerful dueling entities with opposing agendas.

Which is why and how it is easy to make the villain of White Conservatives. They’re not seeing two politicians, they’re seeing a battle between god and the devil.

Plantation Christianity doesn’t deliver methods of changing. It only gives hope and requires undying loyalty and faith. Which is why you’re not allowed to question God’s intentions.

The Liberal Black Preacher is seen as a conduit between God and mankind so of course when the preacher steers them in the direction towards the liking of a politician, the congregation falls for it.

This was the job of the preacher on the slave plantation. To teach and preach obedience to their white masters.

They don’t question the sinful and diametrically opposing views of these liberal politicians from the Bible’s teachings.

These are people whose minds never evolved from the plantation. In 2022 that is what is wrong with this picture.

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