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Why america may never bounce back (follow up from last night's show)

In a nutshell, America is like my favorite food at the Waffle House…Hashbrowns! Fried, scattered, smothered and covered. We’ve divorced nature and became married to an abusive relationship in comfort.

Our brains are fried. Evidence were made public back in 2002 of September 11th being an inside job. The evidence that I’ve covered in my video alone should be enough to intrigue us to investigate for ourselves and draw our own conclusions. Yet, we were distracted by the ballgames, supermodels and celebrity gossip.

We were scattered by race, religion, lifestyle preferences etcetera.

We were smothered in Patriotism to the point where we as American People were afraid to question what then appeared as a conspiracy theory. We as a Nation were too prideful to admit that we were played by our own government.

We’re covered in cancel culture now that the American People are waking up and vocalizing on public platforms to the tune of the same conspiracy theorists that were once used as entertainment purposes.

Now that covid is an existing caution and no longer a new fear, we have our usual distractions back. Now people aren’t worried about hearing the truth and have once again become complacent.

There is little to no talk on the negronet about Black Lives Matter versus the Summer of 2020 the entire woke movement was on the same page.

The popular broadcasters aren’t talking about where this entire state of tyranny originated from and it wasn’t with the Biden installment but with the installment of George W. Bush.

We’re still letting political leaders get away with blaming Al Queda over 9-11 when evidence points to this being an inside job orchestrated by the Bush Family.

There is more evidence of the worst terrorist attack on American soil orchestrated by our own government than there is of the 2020 election being stolen, yet the Patriots are only talking about their hatred and disgust for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s installment is nothing more than a result of the stolen election of 2000 and our negligence to press the issue of why we allowed our government to use Our Friends, Our Family and Our Fellow Country People as a sacrifice to entice a war where Our Brave Men and Women in Uniform were used as billion dollar mercenaries to seize the resources of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bottom line, we should’ve been talking about another 1776 when we found out that Bush played the fuck out of US!

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