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How is it that Kyle Rittenhouse is considered a White Supremacist by Lame Stream Media? When I thumb through the negro-net sector of any given website, the woke sectors are following this case and are hoping that Kyle Rittenhouse goes to jail for murder.

Even though the evidence shows that Kyle was clearly defending himself, they still fail to see that this was not a racial issue.

They feel that the slain are advocates of the Black Community when in all reality, the slain were enemies of Black America.

Did we forget the racially charged language that Rosenbum used while attempting to intimidate Rittenhouse before the shooting?

“Shoot me, nigger!,” Rosenbum repeatedly shouted at Kyle Rittenhouse. Before Kyle surrendered to his demands, are we not thinking about how can an advocate of the Black Community could use such hateful language while protesting for Black Equality? (if that what was Rosenbaum was doing in the first place.

So why is it that Kyle Rittenhouse considered to be a White Supremacist and not RosenBUM who shouted racial epithets to Kyle?

Simply put, the Lame Stream media sets the narrative. A lot of people that are believing this White Supremacist narrative that they’re pushing on this case are a group of people who don’t think for themselves when it comes to anything.

These are mainly White Libtards and Leftist Black Christians which speaks volumes.

These are the people that are easily bamboozled by the Black Preachers in their communities that they pay to read and interpret a book for them because they refuse to read it for themselves.

These are also the people that follow these woke ‘google-lutionaries’ that shouts someone else’s research or lack thereof as if they researched this information for themselves.

During the days when print was popular, they never read anything other than the sports pages or horoscopes. You could put a picture of them up on the front page and the title could read, ‘This Guy is a Cocksucker.”

They wouldn’t be offended but feel great about being on the front page of the newspaper. He wouldn’t read the headline nor would he read the article.

Someone who lacks intellectual scholarship isn’t someone to have this conversation with and expect an effective understanding. Even though food and gas prices are through the roof, there is a supply shortage and the blatant reversal of policies that hinders the Black Community from HBCU’s being defunded to illegal immigrants being placed in there communities, they’ll still call Trump supporters sore losers.

Jim Crow Joe could literally lead these people into a burning house, lock the door and tell them that the inhalation of smoke is beneficial for them and that the fire department is racist. They’d be the type to reject help from the fire department as the burning house caves in on them.

The White Liberals will laugh from the sidelines as they tell their negro slaves, “Hey, it’s alright. Stay in there! Those firefighters are coming to oppress you!”

We will go into this further tonight here on the main page and on my vaughnlive channel at 10:45 PM Eastern Time.

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