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The question that nobody is asking in this attack on Ukraine by Russia is how come there were no preparations in place by NATO. It would only make sense that if talks of diplomacy were failing to take preventative measures in the defense of Ukraine.

With everyone in NATO knowing the weakness of the leadership of the United States, this was the wrong time to have mistaken Putin’s aggressions for a simple bluff.

Ukraine by no means is a match for the superpower of Russia. Politically it is allied with the EU for reasons of diplomacy and trade. However, the EU left the door open for this tragedy to take place on a sovereign nation.

The information that we’re not really receiving is why would Vladimir Putin launch a full-scale attack on Ukraine. The media nor our leaders never informs us on the diplomatic interests of war as they snow us with humanitarian reasons.

Good examples of this are the Civil War being about slavery only when there was a financial interest in the Confederate States that outweighed humanitarian interest. The war in Iraq from what we are told were about removing a dictator and disarming him of weapons of mass destruction. The tragedy of 9/11 from what we were told was due to Islamic extremists hating our way of life.

With this war in Ukraine, we’re told that Vladimir Putin launched an attack that was unprovoked against a sovereign nation because he didn’t want the EU in his backyard.

Let’s break it down. Putin was well prepared for whatever sanctions that would be thrown at him by NATO, specifically the United States of America.

If this is a war about natural resources, with Russia being in power and in a business relationship with China, he could’ve seized Middle Eastern territories after the United States weakened them.

Yet this is not about resources and we will not be told the real threat that the United States posed to Russia. They will call this misinformation but you decide for yourselves.

Where Russia may be a nuclear superpower, the United States is a biological and nuclear superpower.

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