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Why Pizza Gate No Longer Seem Like a Farfetched Idea

It’s a known fact that the Criminal Justice System is set up on laws that protect the elite and powerful while minor laws such as traffic tickets, civil disputes and some criminal charges are to generate wealth for the court systems.

What we need to examine today are the laws that protect the super wealthy that everyday normal people benefit from when they break these same laws.

We’re not talking about tax evasion being that the super wealthy can get themselves out of that with the stroke of a pen. What we will talk about is sex crimes especially against children.

It comes as no surprise that the radical left who pushes the narrative of wielding sexual assault crimes against Trans Women and Women alike totally ignores and distracts the attention from the truly innocent which are the children.

The story that I bring to you today has all of the elements of my favorite talking points of trashing the BLM Organization as well as showing where the lame-stream media like to put a focus on the narrative despite a more sinister problem that is going on…the damage to children through sexual crimes.

This story is as old as 2019 but between all of the hatred for Trump from the left, the news stories of Black thugs being gunned down from the left, this China Virus bruhaha and even the Court System encouraging the Family not to take this matter to the media, we haven’t heard this story. I’m bringing it to you today.

I’ve been working on this subject in another blog but now it’s time that I bring it here where the world can see it. It’s the story that takes place in a town where I used to reside in the upstate of South Carolina and it involves a Pedophile piece of shit by the name of Pranceton Williams.

Due to the Covid Virus, he’s a free man awaiting trial without a monitored house arrest. Due to the BLM Movement, he is locally famous. Due to the Court system telling the mother (his half sister) not to take this to the media, the story has been silent. Due to Local Lame Stream Media wanting more attention on a protest than that of a story that should inform the public of what’s walking among them, this story wasn’t told by them even when they were informed.

Pranceton Rodriguez Williams was apprehended from his home at 20 Alice Farr Dr. in Greenville, South Carolina on 11/27/2019 by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office on the charges of 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct with a minor, Possession of Obscene Material to Person under 18 on his phone, Exposure Lewd and Lascivious Manner.

The victim was his underage niece. His other sister who accused him on social media before of having a sexual affair with his underage family members had bonded him out for house arrest.

While he was out on house arrest, he’d harassed his sister who reported him and her friends on Social Media as well as tried to attack me personally for blogging about him but that didn’t stop me.

Time went by and he had broken his house arrest just to be detained again. While he was detained he had pleaded to be released due to his decaying health conditions that he suffers from which are diabetes and other complications due to his obesity.

This isn’t the worst of it. When the China Virus became a threat to the inmates, he had pleaded to be released on house arrest. Not only this but he had actually had his doctor to write a note excusing him from wearing an ankle monitor.

His lawyer was a newly elected Democratic Candidate who represented him in this hearing and Williams bragged on Social Media after being let go to roam the streets with those charges pending on him.

To add insult to injury, this piece of shit went on to take pictures at a ground breaking event of what was supposed to be the areas first Black-owned grocery store (which still haven’t been slated for contract) and went on to film a music video in front of a local restaurant with the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The sad part is that at least two of the actors that played in his music video that got the attention of a local news station had known the charges that he had pending against him but didn’t give 3 Fucks, 2 shits or 1 good goddamn as long as their faces were being seen on this music video called “Freedom Song” that was supposed to have been getting air-time (that has not been seen) but the makings of the music video was on the local news.

The Female that's in this picture below with him was assigned to work with me in a project that I was promoting of a nuclear Black Family. When I finally filmed the project, just as a royal 'fuck you' I had replaced her character with a Caucasian Woman.' Yeah, I can be petty like that.

Let’s take a look at the next picture. No masks, no social distancing, definitely not the inside of his house. This was filmed after the bullshit excuse from the quack of a doctor that stated that he’s not fit to wear an ankle bracelet but his fat ass can take a walk in the woods to film a music video?

He is still walking around free in society with the pending charges of sexual abuse to his niece. The sister is still worried that he will try something very vengeful before the jury trial that he’d asked for.

The Court System is still taking their sweet time to see to it that this son of a bitch is off of the streets. I called the local station and even sent emails in regards to his charges that were against him and they still ran the story and didn’t even think to air another story questioning how could this man be free to film music videos and take pictures of himself at restaurants, public gatherings etc. while a minor child remains traumatized of his actions towards her.

I will continue to bring you more on this story as it develops but as of 03/03/2021, this is a free man with pending charges on him and no supervision of his movements. This is how our justice system has failed us. This is how the justice system failed that child. This is how the justice system will continue to fail Americans. Protect your kids! If this is allowed to go on within the ranks of the every day people level, imagine what kind of bullshit goes on in the upper levels of government.

Adrenochrome concoctions and professional child sex trafficking doesn’t sound to farfetched now, does it? Knowing how easy it is for a pedophile to manipulate the system that is impoverished doesn't have the connections of the politicians should reflect how and why the bigwigs get away with doing what they do with children. This would also explain how Biden would be as so bold to go around groping women and sniffing hair all the while have the support of people that believed at one time he is a his personal choice of a VP.

One thing that we must make absolutely clear is the fact that the children that are involved in all of these cases are ones without a voice which is why we don't hear about what they went through until it's too late. We must also make it abundantly clear that us Patriots will no longer sit on the sidelines and let the children of our communities be harmed and nothing gets done about it.

I don't want this to go viral for my own promotion...I want this to go viral for the support of that Single Mother and her Child that this ANIMAL fucked over. Patriots, remember one thing! WWG1WGA!

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