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Why We Should Be Concerned About Big Tech’s Heavy Policing?

We are under the impression that big tech companies are suppressing information to keep the truth from being revealed. Where that is somewhat true, the focus on big tech is re-writing history.

Throughout time, history was always written to the advantage of the victor. Social media has made it at one point in time that each and every one of us could journalize our thoughts for future generations to see.

30 years from now we won’t be able to see Donald Trump’s tweets that hurt the feelings of many nor will we see the information told from the everyday citizen in this country that is concerned for this country’s future.

There is a reason that popular fear mongering talking heads of the conservative movement are able to keep their accounts without being banned.

This will show the future generations the error of the conservative and patriotic movement. They want the future generation to see the racism and the erroneous stance that they defend all the while giving a false representation of conservatism and patriotism altogether.

This is why non-racist Conservatives gets their channels banned and flagged. They don’t want history to be told from any other point of view than the radical left.

Knowing what we know now about the BLM movement coupled with what we know about Antifa; the history books will reveal them as the heroes that fought for equality.

The history books will show the Patriots as sore losers that tried to overthrow the government when they lost the 2020 election.

The heavy policing on social media has little to do with the present tyranny but more along the lines of the future's history.

What should alarm each and every one of us is what kind of America will it be in the future when we look back and see Patriotism and Love for Country as a bad thing.

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