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How Should US Patriots Organize? I'm open for ideas!
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Apr 17, 2021
In my opinion It has to be taken back county by county. "if people let government decide what food's they eat and what medican's they take their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those living under tyranny" Thomas Jefferson in my opinion Thomas Jefferson was one of the smartest men to ever call himself an merican he hit the nail on the head our fathers mother's grandfather's grandmother's etc lived under tyranny evil government has been getting bigger & More corrupt by the day ever since that sorry SOB Lincoln was inserted into office he was the first gay male to steal the presidency he was inserted just like Biden Obama etc I've heard all my life that our vote don't count and they proved it to us this last time I seen it with my own eyes I watched the votes change live I said oh well it is what it is it's been time time to take our country and government back we got to be smart about it take it back as peaceful as possible with minimal casualties our for father's escaped from tyranny and it followed them until they where forced to stand their ground we are at that point now it's either stand up or lay down in my opinion we got to do it county by county this is not a direct quote of Thomas Jefferson but he pretty much said if you replace one member of government because of evil you have to replace it all or you will replace the new government with a newer & worser evil ppl need to get together theirs plenty of us and few of them let some of them live on Pedo Joe's island whatever we do deporte them never to be welcome in our United States of America again give the evil one's should get a taste of their own medicine put them in their privately owned prisons AKA legal slave camps so they can be productive for once in their evil lives I do have a plan but I would never let it out over the internet i can't wait to meet everyone of y'all I love everyone of my Patriotic brothers and sisters I don't care if I don't know them if they are Patriots they are my ppl the reason I say MErican its always been me an American citizen against the government I have been around for 40yrs and never felt like I had any help against the government untill now ppl need to wake up and realize it's our time we can't & we won't live under this evil tyranny much longer if we do don't do something about the government they will take our lives that's what it's all about population control the greatest thing trump did was he brought us together and that was God's gift to us theirs more good than they are evil I knew soon as I watched the votes change that there would never be a fair election nore had their been one in many years before Trump we the silent majority spoke up in numbers they couldn't comprehend in 2016 the sooner ppl realize that we are peasants slaves scum of the earth to them the better off we will be it's not going to take much to take our country back think about all the armed Patriots we are more organized than anyone realizes good will always prevail over evil we have got to realise that we have got to stand our ground before it's too late at one point we cold have stopped paying taxes that would have weeded out the evil politicians but they have taken it to a whole different level they are standing their ground although crumbling they are hanging in because they have no other choice conflict at this point can't be avoided the way I see it you can stand up or be knocked down I've never been able to set a game out or a fight when I'm in the right I know I'm not the only one like myself I know theirs millions of Patriots who feel as I do I know they can't and won't take my guns my land or hurt my Loved one's as long as I have breath in my body I'm willing to die for the future our kids they better be ready to die for what they believe in but the truth is they're not tough they are weak they have to pay blmantifa think about that for a minute now who really has the upper hand armed Patriots or evil government? Sorry for the rant lol thanks for everything God bless Melissa Jessie Ricky and everyone of my Patriotic brothers and sisters WWG1WGA GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS EVERYONE sincerely Jeremiah carpenter


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